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This Content Policy (“Policy”) aims to inform about the contents that will not be allowed on the site, as they violate legislation or principles and values adopted by Kiwify.

Disregarding this Policy may result in suspension, blocking, and/or termination of the User's license to use, without prejudice to other applicable legal measures.



On the Kiwify site, the following listed contents are not allowed.

Physical content: that is tangible, material, physical, in-person. Kiwify only accepts digital products, i.e., intangible products available in electronic format, such as e-books, online courses, etc. The sale of physical products does not comply with the platform's guidelines.

Content without educational character: that does not offer educational or informative value to users, does not provide relevant knowledge, practical skills, or information that contributes to the learning or personal development of users.

Dangerous content: that encourages the user to engage in risky and dangerous behaviors, that contains tutorials on performing dangerous activities, such as making homemade explosives or practicing extreme sports without safety precautions, that encourages users to self-medicate or undertake scientifically unproven treatments.

Explicit or violent content: that demonstrates or incites violence, with the aim to shock or repulse Users, which involves, for example: accidents, natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, fights, physical attacks, torture, protests, robberies, corpses, medical procedures, injuries.

Illegal content: that promotes the User to engage in dangerous acts, that guides how to commit crimes, that demonstrates illegal acts of animal abuse or torture, that promotes criminal organizations (or their members), terrorism, or other illegal activities, that provides guidance on creating illegal materials, that promotes the use of illegal drugs, that promotes the sale of illegal products and services, such as drugs, firearms, explosives, organs, counterfeit or altered documents, human trafficking, products stolen from third parties, stolen or robbed, or any other illicit contents.

Content with violation of personality rights, privacy, and data protection laws: products that violate the intimacy, honor, image, name, or any other personality right of third parties, mailing lists or personal data databases, containing personal data unauthorized by their owners, including image, voice, name, address, phone, among others.

Sexual content and/or nudity: that aims to stimulate sexual arousal, with pornography or explicit representations of sexual acts or nudity, or in any way obscene or contrary to morals and good customs, sexual content involving minors, related to pedophilia, prostitution, or similar; or, regardless of the context, content that contains explicit nudity, even if not sexually connoted.

Content for distributing sensual images and videos: related to sensual/adult images or videos being delivered through Instagram (close friends), Telegram, Member Areas, or any other form of distribution.

Hate content: that promotes violence or discrimination or hatred towards groups or individuals, based on characteristics such as race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, social class, nationality, among others.

Content of harassment and virtual bullying (cyberbullying): that promotes threat, stalking, intimidation, insult, that has abusive or humiliating language.

Content implying the sale or offer of corporate shares and/or businesses and/or investments: content whose purpose is the sale of corporate shares and/or businesses and/or investments, that is, whose final objective is to attract investors and not promote information on financial products.

Content with promotion of smoking: that makes an apology for the habit of smoking.

Content of pyramid schemes: that promotes pyramid schemes, multilevel marketing, etc.

Content with promises: that promises rapid weight loss or instant wealth, cleaning a bad credit record in Serasa and similar, fuel saving through a hydrogen kit, success in lotteries or gambling, cure of health problems without the backing of a recognized specialized organization, increase in social media followers, likes, among others, that promises making money with social media draws (“Drawbot”, “Pixbot”) or autonomous applications.

Content linked to lotteries and/or gambling: products that are in any way related to betting, lotteries, casinos, or any form of gambling, regardless of containing promises or guarantees of success, including (but not limited to) educational content or that in any way encourage or stimulate the practice. Content with violation of intellectual property laws: that violates copyright, trademark or advertising rights, industrial secrets, patents, industrial models and designs.

Content with restrictions: affected by any kind of restriction regarding their use, exploitation, or transfer of domain or possession. Content with audiovisual quality issues: that contains distorted images, inaccurate or unsynchronized subtitles, that are not videos, i.e., content with static images that do not offer an adequate audiovisual experience.

Content insufficient for the proposed purposes: that have low educational content quality and that are not suitable for the purposes proposed as the goal of the Infoproduct, due to negligence or lack of skill of the Infoproducer and/or the use of false information in whole or part of the Infoproduct;

Content with misleading advertising, content with ads and external links: that improperly suggests or states the existence of a partnership with Kiwify, when nonexistent; that is marketed by persons or companies that are not official partners of Kiwify; that are not sold by Kiwify or its official partners; that contain only advertisements; that contain an external link, directing the User away from the site.



Provided they comply with the General Terms of Use and other rules set by Kiwify, the following services are equivalent to Infoproducts:

  1. Consultancy and Mentorship services;
  2. Services that promote in-person events provided they have an educational purpose, with proposals for networking, classes, teachings, and/or mentorship.
  3. Web services of unregulated professions, such as website creation, branding, video editing, social media, paid traffic, profile management, tarot consultations, astrological charts, past life readings, etc.



The Risk Department of Kiwify will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis and at its sole discretion, whether the following services are equivalent to Infoproducts for availability on the Platform:

  1. Administrative services, such as issuing CNPJ, tax return preparation, document digitization, etc.
  2. Services in regulated professional fields, such as accounting, legal, architecture, nutrition, personal training, therapy, etc.



In certain cases, content will be allowed if the objective is educational and as long as there is a clear context in the videos to be published. The content review and its authorization for publication on the site will be made exclusively by Kiwify and at its sole discretion, and it may choose to veto the content availability if deemed appropriate.



This Content Policy may undergo updates as Kiwify deems appropriate to improve services and experiences, considering its principles and values. When there is a change in the Content Policy, Kiwify will inform on the site, in a prominent location.



If you find content that violates this Policy or have questions, comments, or suggestions related to this Policy, please contact us at the following email: [email protected] with the subject “Report” or “Content Policy”.

Kiwify will make every effort to respond to all emails as quickly as possible.

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